Featured Artist: Styx

Styx is a rock band formed in Chicago in 1972. It's original lineup included John Curulewski, Lawrence Gowan, Chuck Panozzo and Tommy Shaw. The group is best known for mixing hard rock guitar with acoustic guitar, synthesizers and acoustic piano, and other avant-garde music movements.

Programming: 11/4- 11/8


3p.m-4p.m: 80s Flashback w/ Alex & Olivia

4p.m-5p.m: The Time Machine w/ Izzie and Thomas

5p.m- 6p.m: Girls Next Door


3p.m-4p.m- The 70s Classic Show

4p.m-5p.m- David Bowie Soundspot

5p.m-6p.m- Guys in the Garage


3p.m- 4p.m- REO Speedwagon

4p.-5p.m- The 60s Jukebox

5p.m- 6p.m- Sports Talk


4p.m- 5p.m- The 50s Sockhop

5p.m- 6p.m- After Hours


3:30p.m- 4p.m- Profile

4p.m- 5p.m- Guys in the Garage

5p.m- 6p.m- Syd Time




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